Electrical Services


Residential New Construction

There are so many decisions to make when building a new home. Electric MD can make the electrical and lighting choices easier. Our Electricians will provide you information about the most energy efficient and stylish light fixtures that comply with California Electrical Codes. Let us help you create the perfect ambiance for your new home.


Our traditional and infrared inspections can identify faulty wiring, shorts or overheating service panels. We will provide you with a detailed inspection report as well as infrared photos that you can provide to your insurance company. Don't worry, Electric MD has the tools and experience to ensure that your electrical wiring won't be a concern.

Lighting Design

Not sure how to get that perfect ambiance or how to light your artwork? Let Electric MD help. Our Lighting Designer can provide detailed solutions with renderings of the interior of your home. We can even recommend low voltage lighting, spotlights or trendy and fun light fixtures.


Remodels can be as small as replacing fluorescent fixtures in your kitchen to adding entirely new living spaces or bedrooms. We will work with you and your Contractor to make sure your remodel is everything you have dreamed of.

Service/Panel Change

Older homes and office buildings often have bad wiring or not enough capacity in the electrical panel for your appliances. Electrical panels can be upgraded easily and Electric MD ensures that a new panel and breakers will be installed with the least possible impact to your schedule. We will also work directly with PG&E and the County/City Building Departments to obtain the permit to complete a service/panel change.


Installation of Whole House Generators

Storms, high wind and other factors can shut down power to your home. With a whole house generator, you can power everything in your home or just the essentials. They run on natural gas or propane and when the power is shut off, the generator will turn on automatically.